An documentation of my personal goals and objectives.


I will have the confidence and ability to be an effective presenter and speaker.

Prep goal: Do not turn down chances to present - present often.

November 2018 update: I developed a branded presentation program called "Takeoffs" to empower myself to present on a wide arrange of topics.

Practice goal: Take a formal class on presentations.

February 2019 update: I had the opportunity to sit down with Alfredo C. Tan, Chief Digital Officer at WestJet. He shared his strategy for successfully conveying your message.

  1. Make sure you work for the right leadership
  2. Use data to validate assertions
  3. Stories to make it memorable and inspiring
  4. Show what's in it for them, subtly
  5. Make them (whoever you are trying to sell to) part of your story

Present goal: Present at a major event.


I will build my leadership skills so that I can take on a mentor-ship focused position.

Practice goal: Undertake formal training for leadership


I will be confident in my reading and writing skills.

Prep goal: Read once a day, no matter how long.

Practice goal: Read one book per month.

January 2019 update: Completed "Herding Tigers" by Todd Henry.

March 2019 update: Completed "Pick Three" by Randi Zuckerberg.

Practice goal: Publish a blog post once per month.


Develop a community of creative people at WestJet.

Prep goal: Have a monthly meeting.

November 2018 update: I connected with a colleague to help develop the program. We used a design thinking exercise to develop the program and have a monthly gathering that hosts an average of 10-30 WestJetters from all through-out WestJet. We have had four events and have garnered some positive attention from executives at WestJet.

Practice goal: 100 active members by 2020

Present goal: Have Connecting Creatives live outside WestJet


Develop Product Owner expertise.

Practice goal: Complete formal Product Owner training and certification.

March 2018 update: I attended a 2-day course on Product Ownership and received certification as Professional Scrum Product Owner I.

Practice goal: Job shadow a Product Owner.

Present goal: Apply for a Product Owner position.

March 2018 update: I applied for a Product Owner position on the Mobile Apps team. I was unsuccesful at recieving an interview.


I will live a healthy life.

Prep goal: Make the "smart" choice when choosing what to eat.

Prep goal: Write daily in 3 things I'm thankful for.

Practice goal: Join a yoga class.

Present goal: Get my weight down to 175lbs.


Become a design leader in "User Experience for Voice".

Prep goal: Complete online training on voice interfaces.

July 2018 update: I completed a LinkedIn Learning certification on UX for Voice: Planning and Implementation.

Practice goal: Apply learnings in a practice project.

November 2018 update: I created a bot using DialogFlow that was able to distribute design information.

Present goal: Lead a voice experience project for WestJet.