An on-going documentation of my personal goals and objectives.

Current goals.

Develop my communication and presentation skills

I struggle with presenting however it is something that is important to being successful at my job. I want to put myself in more situations where I am forced to present. This will allow me to practice in a safe setting and gain confidence.

Stretch goal: Present at an event

I want to continue developing confidence in story telling and presenting. As an objective and personal achievement I want to present at a major event either within WestJet (i.e. Leadership Summit) or externally (i.e. Adobe MAX or Adobe Summit).

Sprint goal: Take a class on presentations

I want to undergo formal learning when it comes to presenting. Learn from experts on best practices and skills to tell a story. This could be through WestJet's L&D program or an external program such as Toastmasters.

February 2019 update: I had the opportunity to sit down with Alfredo C. Tan, Chief Digital Officer at WestJet. He shared his strategy for success on conveying your message.

  1. Make sure you work for the right leadership
  2. Use data to validate assertions
  3. Stories to make it memorable and inspiring
  4. Show what's in it for them, subtly
  5. Make them (whoever you are trying to sell to) part of your story

Step goal: Do not turn down chances to present - present often

I want to present as much as possible. This will give me the confidence to present when it truly matters. I will reflect on all presentations and note areas of improvement.

November 2018 update: I developed a branded presentation program called "Takeoffs" which has helped give myself the empowerment to present on a wide arrange of topics. As a positive side effect it has given others the confidence to present under the banner of a "Take off." I have presented twice at our monthly team meetings and have a third planned before the end of the year. In addition, I have presented on a monthly basis in "Connecting Creatives." I plan on re-evaluating this goal in the 2019 to be more specific and ambitious.

Advance my leadership abilities

I will work with my leader and my team to build my leadership skills so that I can take on a mentor-ship focused/senior level position. I want to strive to become a leader in design transformation. As part of this goal I plan on participating in WestJet's "Step up to Leadership" training.

Sprint goal: Undertake formal training for leadership

WestJet offers a several opportunities for leadership training. I plan on registering and attending the "Step up to Leadership" training and starting on the iLead program. Despite not being in a formal position this training would allow me to become an effective leader within my team.

Be confident in my reading and writing skills

To support my vision of becoming a thought leader I want to improve my reading ability and in turn my writing capabilities.

Stretch goal: Blog once a month on design and other digital subjects.

Sprint goal: Read one book per month

Step goal: Read once a day

Develop a community of creative people at WestJet

WestJet is filled with creative people however I have difficulties expanding my network. I want to set up a monthly gathering of like-minded individuals to connect, learn and find inspiration. This will help me perform and feel at my best. In addition I want it to help elevate my presence at WestJet.

Stretch goal: Have Connecting Creatives live outside WestJet

Sprint goal: 100 active members by 2020

Step goal: Have a monthly meeting

November 2018 update: I connected with a colleague to help develop the program. We used a design thinking exercise to develop the program and have a monthly gathering that hosts an average of 10-30 WestJetters from all through-out WestJet. We have had four events and have garnered some positive attention from executives at WestJet.

Become a design leader in "User Experience for Voice"

During my participation at the Hack-the-Hanger I learned about the concept of user experience for voice. Historically as a User Experience Designer I focussed solely on the visual experience. Training in Voice UX will make me a more effective Designer and enhance my abilities.

Stretch goal: Have a project integrated into WestJet opperations.

Sprint goal: Apply learnings to a project

November 2018 update: I was able to create a bot that was able to perform the actions I set out to build. I want to present on the chat bot, my learnings in it's creation and share my story about why I developed this knowledge.

Step goal: Do training on voice interfaces

July 2018 update: I completed a LinkedIn Learning certification on UX for Voice: Planning and Implementation. During the course I was introduced to DialogFlow which is a free frame work to leverage Google's AI platform. As part of my learning I want to build a simple chat bot that allows users to look up design information. Building a bot will allow me to put into practice the information I learned about voice UX.

Completed in 2018.

Understand what a Product Owner does Accomplished

Product Ownership may be a potential career path so I want to develop an understanding of the responsibilities of a Product Owner. In my current role it will allow me to work more effectively with the role by having more clarity of what they bring to a project and how to leverage their expertise.

March 2018 update: I attended a 2-day course on Product Ownership and received certification as Professional Scrum Product Owner I. I have a clear understanding of the type of work a Product Owner does and while I have no immediate goal to become a Product Owner, it may be something I pursue in the future.