Dear 2019.

Posted: November 10th, 2018

I set a goal to grow into leadership and promote a culture of creativity. As part, I planned an event where we brought in typewriters and I challenged myself to write a letter detailing my accomplishments of 2019. I've put the letter up at my desk where I'll look back a year from now and reflect on my achievements.

2019 was a year. Maybe the most transformative year of my career. 

While I found my voice in 2018, I began to use it this year. I took risks and was better at taking credit for my work. I was engaged and a source of direction for not only my team, but the company. I became a leader of design at WestJet and with new and old allies, I was influential in the growth of the brand internationally.

My design work continued to be strong and I paid more attention to tangible measurements. Conversion rate and guests experience ended the year in all-time highs. Content is effective and updates are easy and efficient. The site uses appropriate design templates and redesigning the information architecture although difficult, has yielded positive results.

I led a creative revolution and established a design focused culture. The word “design” has meaning and not taken lightly in any aspect of the company. Connecting Creatives grew from 20 attendees at the beginning of 2019 to close to 100 at the end of the year. We had people present from all throughout the organization and started to bring in speakers from the larger community.

I learned from some of the most creative minds in the world and travelled to different companies to see how they work. I was active in the community and my name is known throughout. I represented WestJet at a couple conferences that kept me energized throughout the year. I am scheduled to present next year. My personal brand is strong.

I was inspired, and inspired others. 2019 was a year

- Kelsey Kimura

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