Hack in the Hanger, Participant | June 2018

WestJet’s first hackathon was a cultural shift toward more innovative thinking. The hack included the participation of iconic tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Adobe, Snapchat, Twitter, Microsoft and many more.

Developing a Design System with Adobe XD, LinkedIn Learning certification | May 2018

Design systems can help enhance team collaboration and bring consistency to your projects. In this course, learn how to create, design, and manage the iterative development of a design system using Adobe XD.

Running a Design Business: Leading a Creative Team, LinkedIn Learning certification | April 2018

Leading a creative team comes with a unique set of challenges that must be navigated with care in order to get reports to be able to perform at their best.

Professional Scrum Product Owner I, certification | March 2018

The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) course is a 2-day course on how to maximize the value of software products and systems.

UX Foundations: Accessibility, LinkedIn Learning certification | February 2018

The Internet has removed many obstacles to communication and interaction. However, when websites, technologies, or tools are poorly designed, they can create barriers that exclude people with disabilities.



Adobe MAX 2017, Conference attendee | October 2017

MAX brings together the world’s top creatives and best-in-the business experts to get inspired, learn skills, and play.



Psychology for Digital Behavior Change, AlterSpark certification | February 2016

This workshop covers the foundational principles in digital psychology, key tools, and over 40 principles, with a focus on psychology-driven technologies and campaigns.