Notable achievements and highlights of my career.


Redesign of WestJet Vacations booking flow Principal designer | August 2018

Modernization of the WestJet Vacations booking flow through design and development from the ground up. This lead to an extremely positive NPS, increased conversion, and higher package and ancillary revenue sales.

Connecting Creatives Co-founder | August 2018

Formation of a collective of WestJet creatives that connect on a monthly basis to talk about ideas and topics centered around creativity.

Adobe Creative Insider Ambassador Participant | June 2018

Share best practices for integrating Adobe solutions within the organization and conduct workshops throughout the year.

Hack in the Hanger Participant | June 2018

WestJet's first hackathon was a cultural shift toward more innovative thinking. The hack included the participation of iconic tech companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Adobe, Snapchat, Twitter, Microsoft and many more.

ONWARD Summit Conference attendee | May 2018

This full-day, immersive innovation experience brings together some of the smartest minds in business, technology, and creativity. Speakers included Randi Zuckerberg, Don Tapscott and Alfedo Tan.

Professional Scrum Product Owner I certification | March 2018

The Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) course is a 2-day course on how to maximize the value of software products and systems.

LinkedIn Learning Certifications

Being Positive at Work October 2018

UX for Voice: Planning and Implementation July 2018

Design Thinking: Implementing the Process July 2018

Developing a Design System with Adobe XD May 2018

Running a Design Business: Leading a Creative Team April 2018

UX Foundations: Accessibility February 2018


RGD In-house Design Awards Accessibil-it Award for Accessible Design | 2017

Accessibil-IT was proud to sponsor an award to recognize an in-house design team that had developed amazing accessible communication. Project: Accessibility Redesign Project

Adobe MAX 2017 Conference attendee | October 2017

Adobe MAX brings together the world's top creatives and best-in-the business experts to get inspired, learn skills, and play.


Psychology for Digital Behavior Change AlterSpark certification | February 2016

This workshop covers the foundational principles in digital psychology, key tools, and over 40 principles, with a focus on psychology-driven technologies and campaigns.