Become a time traveller

You don’t need a phone booth, a hot tub or to go 88mph to change time. How we perceive the past, present and future can have a significant influence on how we define ourselves.

Change the past

We can’t go back and change the events of the past, fix our regrets and disappointments. However, we can do the next best thing. We can change our perspectives and essentially change how things happened. Look for the positives, and use those moments for growth. Was it a challenging event of the past, or the catalyst to significant growth?

Change the present

The discomforts of our pasts can be mitigated by our decisions of today. Take the time to make informed decisions and consider how you’ll feel in the future. Try not to sacrifice your long term feeling for a short term solution. Cherish the moment and celebrate with gratitude.

Change the future

Chart your own future and work towards it. Set goals and objectives, continuously reflect and adapt. Don’t confuse lucky people, with those who prepare and are ready to seize opportune moments.

Roads… where we’re going we don’t need roads