My favourite podcasts

My commute to work is decently long and consists mostly of highway driving. What may seem like a tedious part of my day is actually one of my favourites. Listening to podcasts helps me stay informed, inspired and entertained. Here are the podcasts in my queue.


The Crazy One Podcast

Stephen Gates of InVision shares his personal learnings and expertise in all facets of the design world. Being inspired, leadership and the challenges we face as creatives.


Hosted by Khoi Vinh of Adobe, Wireframe answers the question: What is good design? Khoi explores how design affects all aspects of our lives.

The Design Better Podcast

This InVision podcast has interviews with design leaders from all sorts of industries around the world. Learning what works and doesn’t work in other companies.

The Accidental Creative

Todd Henry share snippets and concepts from his books, interviews with industry professionals and other insights on how to be a successful creative leader.

Radical Candor

Based on the book by Kim Scott, Radical Candor is a mini-series on how to give and receive feedback with empathy.


Bonus: my favourite podcast app

Pocketcasts is my player of choice, I can easily manage my subscriptions and they automatically downloaded and added to my “up next” queue. In addition, they have a fantastic web player that syncs with the app.