The issue with flight benefits.

Let me start off by saying that I am grateful for the benefits my company offers. It is a privilege to have the opportunity to see the world, to give my children amazing life experiences and to be able to share this benefit with friends through travel companionship and buddy passes.

With that said, there is an issue, well let me rephrase that, an opportunity. You see, bookings are made through a separate website, with a separate flow and separate from guests. And while you could argue that the needs of the user are different, an important question needs to be asked.

“How can we truly empathize with our guests if we don’t even use our own service?”

We fly (a lot), but our product is not just a seat on a plane. We must consider the end to end experience. Circumventing the digital experience for our own personal use is a gap we unfortunately overlook.

This leads me to some reflections:

  • Bookings should be made through the normal booking flow to create insights about the guest experience.
  • Use employee bookings for testing initiatives. Run experiments, employees who have a vested interest would be more inclined to provide feedback.
  • Encourage use of competitors booking flow.

The more we use our own product the stronger the connection we can build with our guests.